iVis 30

Color doppler at BW price!
The state of art iVis30 is a breakthrough in traditional ultrasound technology. three dimensional scanning of an object with simultaneous visualization of the A, B and C planes.This revolutionary multi-beam technology,displays 3D images in real time, goes beyond the boundaries of traditional ultrasound and allows to see the movement of an object in real time.

Compared to widely available 2D ultrasounds. This advanced technology gives the radiologist additional information for a more accurate diagnosis and higher patient care.

Advanced Imaging Technology
Multi-Beam Former Technology
Enhance Frame rate
Improve image resolution

Compounding Technology
The traditional Compound imaging techonlogies improve the image quality,but lose the frame rate,which affect diagnosis convenience and efficiency.Our Compound imaging has intergrated multiple key factors like frequency,focus and time,but well not sacrifice the frame rate.
iVis 30 doppler
Streamlined Workflow
The multi-purpose user preset,streamlined measurement & report system,built-in Easy View image archieve system,quick image storage/retreive/copy,one-button direct print.
iVis 30 images
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