BodyGuard ColourVision 545™

BodyGuard ColourVision 545™ - Benefits
  • Lightweight and compact, suitable for both bedside and ambulatory use
  • The BodyGuard pumping mechanism ensures outstanding accuracy and linearity of infusion, even at lowest rates to meet the standards of your most demanding specialties
  • 26 configurable medication protocols provide storage of drug therapies and limit set up time
  • The Shift Totals screen displays attempted and delivered patient boluses, bolus total volume and total volume infused over an elapsed time. These can be reset as required
  • Configurable modes of operation which can be set to patients understanding or specialty; continuous only, bolus only, continuous plus bolus, and auto bolus
  • Adjustable air-in-line detection and occlusion pressure settings help to prevent nuisance alarms
  • Rechargeable Li-Polymer battery and pole mounted mains charger allow greater flexibility
  • Automatic bolus rate adjustment optimises bolus delivery and prevents false occlusion alarms
  • The patient controlled bolus handset with LED indicator puts your patient in control of their pain by alerting them when a bolus is available and when a bolus is being delivered
BodyGuard ColourVision 545
Safety features include:
  • MediGuard Dose Error Reduction Software will automatically set a toxicity ceiling based on your patient’s weight, to prevent excess drug delivery
  • Actual pressure displayed on main screen allows close monitoring of real-time in-line pressure
  • The built-in event log automatically records accurate and reliable data on pump use
  • The lockable keypad prevents inadvertent key presses
  • Fixed or variable code protected programmes are accessible only by authorised personnel
  • The Post-Occlusion Bolus Reduction System will safely release pressure from the line, following an occlusion, without administering a potential post-occlusion bolus
  • Dedicated administration sets available with Surety® non-Luer connectors – compatible with a wide range of kits for maximum choice and flexibility
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