BS 400 N

Homely vertical normal care system with discreetly hidden supply technology. The BS 400 N creates a homelike atmosphere and at the same time provides the functions that make the day-to-day life of both nurses and patients easier. The surfaces can be designed freely. Four standard wood decors are available as well as further decors from Wodego’s Colour Match Collection. The integration of the BS 400 N into the room provides for design options such as building a recess or visually separating two beds. For living rooms that incorporate caretaking.


To customise your care rooms // Integration of the medical supply system in the architectural interior design

High Variability
Varied decorative elements // Great variability in usage and configuration levels // Two wood decors – maple and cherry – are available // as After Eight Maple, Natural Tessin Maple, Havanna Cherry and Light Malaga Cherry
BS 400 N
Range of accessories // swiveling infusion bottle holder // Equipment rack for medical equipment such as syringe pumps
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