Aurinio LR OR Lights

With the Aurinio® LR 150, TRILUX Medical realises an OR light with twin benefits: optimal illumination depth with the lowest possible energy consumption. The light unites precision of the reflector¬ with the cost-saving ability of LED technology. For doctors this means shadow-free and gap-free illumination of the OR field, colour temperature approximating daylight and no dehydration of tissue structure. Hospital operators benefit from positive energy efficiency and low subsequent costs.


A continuous housing for easy cleaning.

Integration option into the TX NavigatOR // radio remote control with the option of synchronous switching of several OR lights
Aurinio LR OR Lights
Energy and Maintenance
Only 49 high-performance LEDs for optimal efficiency and 40,000 hours of light // ATM (automatic temperature management) for protecting against overheating of LEDs and thus improved service life // free of maintenance

Boost Function
For individually increasing illuminance to 160,000 lux

Optimal depth illumination via reflector technology // Ra=95 and R9=91  colour rendering via LED technology // DAS (data analysis system) e.g. for recording of hour of operation

Luminous Efficacy
LED technology achieves high light output ratio // greater efficiency with high-performance LEDs // reliable optics with primary and secondary reflectors

Illumination and Illumination Depth
Central illuminance at 1 m distance is 140,000 lux // illumination depth L1 + L2 is 1,200 (RBS* 20%) mm // high shadow resolution
*residual illuminance
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