Fiberoptic Headlights

Each headlight optics module:
  • Has a recessed lens to prevent scratching and contamination
  • Has adjustment joystick that is easily removed for cleaning
  • Is available in 90° or 105° angles to assure the most comfortable surgical stance
  • Is provided with its own duffle bag for personal storage
  • Is designed to accept our bi-furcated fiber cables for even weight distribution and reduced fatigue
  • Has 10-100mm variable spot for precise illumination (fixed spot, 110mm available upon request)
  • Has gown clips permanently mounted to secure cable during use
Fibreoptic headlight System
All IsoluX Headlights come standard with 8.5m long, 3.8mm diameter fiber cables which provide superior light output while minimizing overall weight and fatigue. Wolf fiber cable connections come standard, Universal connectors are available.

Dual Ratchet Headband
  • Soft, flexible and ergonomically contoured for maximum comfort with sweat pads of detachable and replaceable plush cushioning foam
  • Sculptured ratchet-type knobs provide quick and easy circumferential and crown adjustments prior to or during surgical procedures

Washable Cloth Headband
  • Super light weight and softly padded with a secure Velcro closure, ensuring a personalized fit every time
  • Hand tool available to remove optics, facilitating the washing of the headband

Dual Ratchet Head Band Washable Cloth Headband
04-090VWR 90°, variable spot, Wolf connector 04-090VWS 90°, variable spot, Wolf connector
04-105VWR 105°, variable spot, Wolf connector 004-105VWS 105°, variable spot, Wolf connectorr
04-090VUR 90°, variable spot, Universal connector 04-090VUS 90°, variable spot, Universal connector
04-105VUR 105°, variable spot, Universal connector 04-105VUS 105°, variable spot, Universal connector

LED Headlights
The IsoLED Headlight has been specially designed for examination and minimally invasive surgeries. It is also ideal for dental and veterinary use. The LEDs are closely coupled to the optics, enabling the focused light to be even and uniform, edge to edge. IsoLED offers up to 650K lux of 10,000º K cool white light with a life expectancy of 50,000 hours. Featuring a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack and charger, the belt mounted control pack includes a dimming control for an intensity range of 3 to 100 percent.

  • The IsoLED is the brightest LED headlight available
  • Perfect spot uniformity, edge to edge - no hot spots or irregular light patterns
  • Runs 40º F cooler than the next best headlight
  • Headlight lighter than others - batteries are located on a belt clip, not on the operator’s head
  • CE Certified
Fibreoptic headlight System
Illumination 650,000 lux (minimum)
LED Life >50,000 hours
Color Temperature 10,000 °K
Light DegradationNone
Spot Size 100mm at 400mm/16" working distance
Intensity Range 3% to 100%
Operating Time >4 ½ hours typical at maximum intensity
Normal Recharge Time3.6 hours
Quick Recharge Time 2 hours, for 4 hours of maximum intensity
Headband Dual ratchet or soft velcro
Weight (headlight) 330 grams (LED, headband, cable and optics) 11ozs
Weight (battery)190 grams 6ozs
Size (control unit/battery pack)4.25" x 2.7" x 1.1"

Size (control unit/battery pack) 4.25” x 2.7” x 1.1”

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